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2030-12-16 10:24 pm
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OOC ± How's My Driving?

Good news? Bad news? Good news for people who love bad news? Just wanna say hey? Do it here!

EDIT: Glitch has been in Taxon for three years and so has had a lot of development outside canon, most notably getting his brain back in July 2011. I welcome any discussion of choices I've made with him!

Anon posting on, screening off, IP logging off. Have at!
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2029-01-03 07:03 pm

IC ± Appointment Post

For all your IC contact/random threading needs.

voice | video | text | action
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2013-06-10 03:11 pm
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Thunderstorm prompt thing/an exercise in self-indulgence

Glitch and someone of your choice get caught in just that. Storm of the century. O.Z or Taxon, or AU. :3 Or all three.

Door #3, ish. Also less storm of the century and more random framing device for something resembling a plot.
I dozed off again, didn't I? )
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2011-07-14 06:41 pm


Touch base, plot, spam, whatever, let's go ♥
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2011-01-03 10:32 pm
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Fic ± Five Things Best Forgotten

[ From a meme at [ profile] mobypolishing: [ profile] gogogidget asked for "Five things Glitch is better off forgetting." The following not-quite-drabbles were the result. ]


1. never live it down )

2. not the greatest sacrifice )

3. three weeks post-headcasing )

4. denial )

5. ain't no convict )
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2010-12-17 09:56 pm
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IC ± TAXON: Phone Post I just-- oh! Yes! Um, this is Glitch and and and I'm sure I have a good reason for not answering you, and sorry I missed you.. Y-you can leave a message and I'll probably contact you as soon as I'm able. Thanks. Okay, now I need to hit--

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2010-09-21 07:02 pm
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OOC ± Permissions

EDITED MAY 7, 2012 to (finally) reflect brain stuff and added headcanon.


Character Name: Glitch
Species (human/alien/vampire/other?): human, via the Outer Zone
Extra-human/abnormal abilities, if any?: Nothing superhuman-y, but he's got half-a-brain (augmented by some sort of alien nonsense), is a bit of a mechanical savant, and knows kung fu. He's stronger and more resiliant than he looks and is fairly difficult to kill, thanks to his fairyland ancestry.

'Did you hear something?' 'Yes! No!' )

If there's anything not covered above, or if you have questions, or wish to do plotty things, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm on AIM (mirzath) and plurk ([ profile] keriseda and actually like getting PMs.

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2010-03-16 11:47 pm

OOC ± Mating Rituals of the Headcase

OR: things you don't want to know, ever. Elaborations and ramblings thanks to That Last Meme under the cut to avoid brain breaking because it's Glitch. I'm in California and enjoying some lovely wine, leave me be. Flurry: I take no responsability.

...good God why do I have so much headcanon about this. )
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2010-03-06 05:43 pm

OOC ± Request-a-drabble meme!

Trying this one again because LOL DISTRACTION. Pick an option from below and I will write a drabble (for some value of "drabble") using that as inspiration. Want me to include other specific characters/'verses? Let me know and I will...try. Erm.


If you can think of any other Glitches you'd like to see, go ahead and suggest one ♥
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2010-01-29 01:23 pm

Fic ± Five Things

[The "futchar!" meme got me thinking...which is never good. And the following items came to fruition. And yes I borrowed a few people.]

Five Things That May or May Not Happen To Glitch In Taxon

Exit Does Not Exist )

Gravity Rides Everything )

Workin' On Leavin' The Livin' )

Paper Thin Walls )

I've Got It All (Most) )
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2010-01-13 10:40 pm

OOC ± Official Headcanon History (some more)

While he is an indirect descendant of the royal line of Ev (because fandom says so), I am going to go one step further and declare that Glitch is from Rigmarole Town. Under the cut is a excerpt from Baum's The Emerald City of Oz which...should explain why I came to this conclusion:

lol Baum )

So yes. Rigmarole.
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2009-10-30 07:34 pm
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OOC ± Taxon App

See also the quick and dirty Glitch FAQ/primer and the tl;dr ginormous character survey of doom.

Character name: Glitch
Genre (TV/books/etc): TV (miniseries)
Fandom: Tin Man

Canon point: part 3, as Our Heroes descend into the Realm of the Unwanted. He has since been bumped to the end of the series.

'You flick the abacus.' )
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2009-10-29 08:27 pm

OOC ± The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom

NOTE: this is really for 1.5 charatcers as you can't really get a good picture of Glitch without rambling AT LENGTH about Ambrose. When possible a simple answer will cover both of them buuuut sometimes it's just not gonna happen. Also yay wow loads of fanon ahoy.

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2009-10-13 11:39 pm

Meme ± 100 Questions (IC-ish)

...100 incredibly vague, emo-filled answers. )

[knaogbnsogbw so many blanks so much emo D: ]
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2009-10-12 10:51 am
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d_m ± lol Illyria

Whoa, okay, glad you got that taken care of, with the apping and all, congrats. And and I'm glad you're trying to find me a new queen to "fanboy" as you put it but merry munchkins, doll, you can't seriously be thinking of the scary blue lady. She's...well, scary!

I don't care how funny it might be, you're not the one who'll probably be set on fire.
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2009-10-08 11:29 pm
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OOC ± Quick note!

I have app'd Glitch to [ profile] taxonomites and...he is IN! :D I am likely to still be poking around [ profile] charloft and the wider internet with him, but for all intents and purposes he's been kidnapped by aliens.

So yeah! Woo to the hoo!