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IC ± Appointment Post

For all your IC contact/random threading needs.

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Hello! Do you remember me?
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dear god that icon, NOT ALLOWED.

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I'm good. And it sounds like you're good, too. I just wanted to make sure. Friends look out for each other, right?
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You remembered those, too! [ Ahhh, she's entirely too enthusiastic about Glitch's memory, sorry. ] You'll be careful anyway, right?

ooc: definitely
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But even if you are good at fighting, you still have to look out. Like... Like you have to look out behind you, and listen really well. And also, you have to make sure they don't grab your hair.

Lee had to cut mine...
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[ Nope, it was mostly a big fluffy mop, but she likes the way you think! ]

I dunno. I don't think I've seen it. [ She sounds stumped for a second. ] Hang on, let's do this-- [ After a second, she's switching it to VIDEO. If he does too, she'll eye him for a minute (dat hair). Then, conclusively: ] Yeah, they could definitely grab it.

[ A beat. ]

But I could probably braid it, if you want. Manly braids, like in all of the old movies where everyone speaks French.
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Right! [ Which brings her to the question: ] So... when do you want me to do it? I'm never really busy or anything.
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I'm in 3-0-0-5. And if you have a comb it would probably help. Water, too, but I think I have some of that.
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[ Glitch! She's scrambling out from under her bed and hurrying to open the door. And since this is the first time they've met in person, she'll be sizing him up a little, but judging by the look on her face? He's already passed whatever assessments he needed to pass to count as 'friend' in her book and this is just a curiosity thing. ]

Your hair looks kind of like mine did, before Lee cut it.

[ Which is to say, hello again and come on in. She's opening the door wider to make sure he knows that. ]

Except yours is spiky and mine was one big lump.
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[ She's sorry for being so small. :C She's trying to stop, she swears.

To the bow, her eyes widen a little, but she suppresses her grin (mature people don't grin like little kids, do they?) long enough to attempt to curtsy back. It's not terribly effective, but she's new at this, okay?

'But we'll sort it out!'

Mhm! C'mon. [ She'll be tugging his sleeve now, and if she has her way, she's tugging him toward the couch because apparently all apartments have one. Upon arrival, she lets go and climbs up onto the couch to perch on the back of it. Clearly he's supposed to sit in front of her. ]

Oh, I need the comb though.
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Okay, I won't. [ She wasn't gonna, anyway. It seemed like kind of a personal thing, and even if it weren't, what if touching it messed up his remembering things? Then she wouldn't be a very good help, would she?

Meanwhile, she takes the comb and pulls her legs up cross-legged on the back of the couch so they aren't in the way when he settles in. Once he does, though, she reaches toward one of the tangles in the front... But first:

Um, I'm really sorry if I pull by accident. It happens sometimes, even when I'm trying hard to be careful.

[ And, assuming there are no objections, she'll be taking careful hold of the aforementioned tangle and starting to comb. From the end first, then farther up as the tail end untangles, occasionally picking it apart a little with her fingers. She's actually pretty good at this--she used to comb her mom's hair after a shower sometimes. ]
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[ As far as she knows, she doesn't pull very hard more than a couple of times, and she kinda cringes at those too, probably offering a quiet 'oops, sorry'. The braids haven't even started yet by the time he breaks the silence, but then, those are gonna go really quick compared to the detangling anyway. ]

You mean in Savannah? Well, there's Lee, we're partners. We make sure neither of us get hurt or in trouble. He's really strong and keeps people from fighting. People always think he's my dad, though.
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No, it's okay! It didn't used to be dangerous, but then everyone died and started eating everyone else and now we have to make sure someone always stays awake just to be safe.

[ Oh, but that's not what he asked, is it? He asked about her friends. ]

Anyway, there's Lee, and then there's Ben and Kenny, and Christa and Omid. Ben was in high school and he's really nervous at stuff but he's my friend so nobody else can make him leave, and Kenny was Duck's dad before Duck and Katjaa died. Katjaa was Duck's mom. Anyway, Kenny's really sad now, and he wants to find a boat so I found a boat and we just had to get it into the water. And Christa and Omid are new and Omid was really sick after his leg got hurt, but I trust them.
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[ backdated to the middle-ish of this post.

The audio feed turns on with a burst and a bit of barely-controlled breathing.

Glitch, it's--

[ There's a muffled 'augh' sort of gasp, and a sharp inhale through her teeth. In this brief pause, the sound of galloping hooves can be heard, as well as the slight rush of wind--wherever she is, she's moving fast. ]

It's happening! I can't--

[ That was probably going to be 'I can't stop it', but that's not important enough to waste her concentration on. He gets just one more word, forced through gritted teeth. ]


[ And the line goes dead. ]
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here, have a voice message sometime just after her network post

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Do you still have the mask? [ She'd told him to keep one, after he built the gas masks for her with the supplies they got from North. ] Put it on.
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A 'contaminant'. It's airborne. [ That's all she's got, sorry bro. As long as he's wearing the mask, he's okay from there. ] We'll see soon enough.
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Right. [ Sorry, she's less about brainstorming and more about getting shit done right now. Whoops. ]