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[Notes: In which Ambrose has girl trouble and his bff-with-benefits snarks cheerfully. Excerpt from the "I accidentally an entire dead boyfriend" drabble I promised [ profile] rude_not_ginger back in March. Shush.]

For a little over an annual Ambrose courted Miss Clara Jindarin, a match his mother was quite keen on and which he was actually enthused about. However he was a bit more preoccupied with securing his political future than his social one, and one evening when he was busy tinkering instead of escorting Clara to a party she chose to go with an army major instead.

Ambrose arrived quite late to find his would-be intended thoroughly preoccupied with the major. His dear friend Nathan Westgate attempted to comfort him.

"There's a bottle of special reserve with your name on it behind the bar."

Ambrose shook his head. "I've a presentation with Her Majesty at half past seven tomorrow morning."

"It is a sin to be up that early, nevermind working," Nathan informed him, then shrugged. "What else cheers you"

"Sadly I'm not all that interested," Ambrose sighed and folded his arms.

His companion took pity. "You had hopes for this one, didn't you?" He snorted at Ambrose's nod. "So how did you woo her?"

"If you must know, it was an evening under the stars-"

"'Come along, my dear, and I will show you my telescope'?"

That got a smile. "Precisely."

Clara married the major. Three months later Ambrose was named chief adviser to the queen and principle engineer of the realm. The major ended up being coerced into joining the longcoats, and Clara eventually found herself hiding a zipperhead in a crawlspace.

Funny old world.
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I certainly hope you know what you are getting into with this. Not the event itself, I've every confidence in your ability to capture my voice. The aftermath, however...

This has the potential to severely damage my psyche if you are not careful. If you are willing to accept my counsel on the matter, I would request that you try and minimize any negative impact. Despite everything I've found some measure of contentment in Taxon and would be quite disappointed if it is jeopardized by your desire for existential angst.

Show some respect for all I've been through, and how far I've come.
- Glitch Ambrose, for now

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NOTE: this is really for 1.5 charatcers as you can't really get a good picture of Glitch without rambling AT LENGTH about Ambrose. When possible a simple answer will cover both of them buuuut sometimes it's just not gonna happen. Also yay wow loads of fanon ahoy.



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