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2030-12-16 10:24 pm
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OOC ± How's My Driving?

Good news? Bad news? Good news for people who love bad news? Just wanna say hey? Do it here!

EDIT: Glitch has been in Taxon for three years and so has had a lot of development outside canon, most notably getting his brain back in July 2011. I welcome any discussion of choices I've made with him!

Anon posting on, screening off, IP logging off. Have at!
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2013-01-08 01:25 pm
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Meme ± Character Expressions

Because I love his face and haven't done this in ages.

The Character Expression Meme

Character: Glitch
Journal: [personal profile] aintnoconvict
RPG: [community profile] taxonomites | [community profile] havenrpg

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.
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2012-09-17 11:17 am
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OOC ± Haven App

Name: Keri
Contact Info: keriseda @ plurk, mirzath @ AIM
Other Characters Played: n/a
Apartment: 1.004

Character Name: Glitch, which is technically a nickname with his real name being Ambrose. He only vaguely remembers this fact.
Canon Point: about three weeks post-canon
Canon: Tin Man
I ain't no convict! )
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2012-06-06 11:13 pm
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I'm in the mood. Pick a number and Glitch, or Glitch + [character], any verse, hit me. Go.

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2011-07-14 06:41 pm


Touch base, plot, spam, whatever, let's go ♥
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2010-10-11 11:16 am
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OOC ± Thoughts On Headcasing

...and why it is so very, very awful. Not just from a "dude they took out a chunk of your brain and put a zipper on your head" perspectve, but from a societal one as well. I'll quote the only scene where it gets addressed directly:
DG: I'm DG, by the way, and this is--

CAIN: I know. A headcase.

GLITCH: I have a proper name. And w-when I remember it, I will tell you.

DG: What's a headcase?

CAIN: It's what the state does to re-educate criminals. Rip out their brains, make them prisoners of their own minds. Ain't that right, convict?

GLITCH: Hey, whoa, I ain't no convict! A-and just in case I am it was a bogus charge, a a a frame job, I'm sure of it!

Merry old land, my ass. Also spoilers and etc.. )

That covers the basics. If you'd like elaboration then query away, I'll make something up answer to the best of my ability!
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2010-09-21 07:02 pm
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OOC ± Permissions

EDITED MAY 7, 2012 to (finally) reflect brain stuff and added headcanon.


Character Name: Glitch
Species (human/alien/vampire/other?): human, via the Outer Zone
Extra-human/abnormal abilities, if any?: Nothing superhuman-y, but he's got half-a-brain (augmented by some sort of alien nonsense), is a bit of a mechanical savant, and knows kung fu. He's stronger and more resiliant than he looks and is fairly difficult to kill, thanks to his fairyland ancestry.

'Did you hear something?' 'Yes! No!' )

If there's anything not covered above, or if you have questions, or wish to do plotty things, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm on AIM (mirzath) and plurk ([ profile] keriseda and actually like getting PMs.

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2010-06-22 09:52 am
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OOC ± Luceti Application


Name: Keri
Livejournal Username: kseda
AIM/MSN: mirzath
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A


Name: Glitch
Fandom: Tin Man
Gender: male
Age: early 40s
Time Period: post-series
Wing Color: golden yellow
NOTE: app adapted/expanded on from this one.

My noggin wasn't always this way, you know. )
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2010-05-22 05:40 pm
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OOC ± Tin Man on Space

SO CANADA my canon will be airing on Space this weekend, staring tonight at 8pm and running Sunday and Monday. Typically not worth posting about, but the description of the series made me giggle a lot.
Although everyone has seen The Wizard of Oz – more than once, most likely – very few people have had the pleasure of seeing this three-part miniseries remake that originally aired on the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel. Steeped in elements of science fiction and fantasy*, the remake stars Zooey Deschanel as DG, a truculent teen** version of Dorothy, who is decidedly unhappy with life on the farm. Then comes a vicious tornado carrying her off into a surreal place called [the] OZ, which in this case stands for “Outer Zone.” The strange dimension is ruled by a short-tempered sorceress*** named Azkadellia, played by the fine Canadian actress Kathleen Robertson****, who is not above using mind control to keep her subjects in line*****. The supporting cast includes Alan Cumming as Glitch, a half-brained (literally) fop****** analogous to the scarecrow in the original story. And yes, there’s a yellow brick road, sort of*******.

* - and crack
** - Zooey was ~26 at the time of filming and canon fudges that she "looks" 20 so...split the difference and stop looking at Glitch like that
*** - best description EVER
**** - and by "fine" they mean "incredibly hot"
***** - I am actually not entirely sure where they get that from
****** - HEY NOW
******* - see: icon
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2010-04-28 12:59 pm
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OOC ± *spittakes*

Alan Cumming takes questions on his blog and some wag (not me, swear to God I'm too much of a derp) asked something that's been bugging Tin Man fandom forever: Cain or DG? what were the major differences between playing Glitch and Ambrose?
"Glitch and Ambrose wasn't a difficult switch because I only actually played Ambrose for one day of the shoot. But I thought of him as almost a completely different person, but with some of Glitch's qualities like loyalty and a sense of justice."

1. D'awww.
2. Well there goes my interpretation, sorta. OH WELL.
3. No really I am SO GLAD they didn't ask about shipping.
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2010-03-06 05:43 pm

OOC ± Request-a-drabble meme!

Trying this one again because LOL DISTRACTION. Pick an option from below and I will write a drabble (for some value of "drabble") using that as inspiration. Want me to include other specific characters/'verses? Let me know and I will...try. Erm.


If you can think of any other Glitches you'd like to see, go ahead and suggest one ♥
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2010-02-18 11:30 pm
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OOC ± Canon!

Here, then, I give you the DVD rip of Tin Man which I know is authentic because I just ripped it myself. Three .zip files on MegaUpload, for your WTF pleasure.

Part 1! | Part 2! | Part 3!

...and if you don't want to deal with all of that have this:
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2010-01-13 10:40 pm

OOC ± Official Headcanon History (some more)

While he is an indirect descendant of the royal line of Ev (because fandom says so), I am going to go one step further and declare that Glitch is from Rigmarole Town. Under the cut is a excerpt from Baum's The Emerald City of Oz which...should explain why I came to this conclusion:

lol Baum )

So yes. Rigmarole.