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± Hide it, no one saw!
± Your every fleeting thought is a pearl.
± You will join a club and be elected president. Submit immediately to graft and corruption.
± Breathe less.
[ Glitch stares at the opening page of his journal for some time, then blinks and shakes his head. ]

Is...this...supposed to mean something? Is it for me? I don't think I wanna breathe less.

[ well, whatever it is he doesn't let it interfere with his little project. he's commandeered a table in a not-overly-quiet corner of the library and is piecing together a something from whatever clockwork scraps he's stuffed in his pockets while escaping the demise of the Elizabeth. maybe once he combined it with the deconstructed remains of the TDESPHTL he happened upon in the shop, it'd amount to something. ]
aintnoconvict: (five miles in rags uphill in the blasted)
[ there's a skinny figure wandering in from the east edge of the village, bundled up in a tattered coat that's doing next to nothing to protect him from the elements. of course, by the way he's is stumbling and weaving it's safe to assume he's been affected by more than just the cold.

the most troubling thing about his condition, perhaps, is that the zipper on his head is open. at the moment Glitch seems more preoccupied with finding shelter than worrying about it. ]

((ooc - Back from mallynapping! Glitch is still a bit drugged and a lot confused, as the Malnosso did a lot of poking through his memories. His more recent memories will come back with prompting.))


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