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2030-12-16 10:24 pm
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OOC ± How's My Driving?

Good news? Bad news? Good news for people who love bad news? Just wanna say hey? Do it here!

EDIT: Glitch has been in Taxon for three years and so has had a lot of development outside canon, most notably getting his brain back in July 2011. I welcome any discussion of choices I've made with him!

Anon posting on, screening off, IP logging off. Have at!
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2029-01-03 07:03 pm

IC ± Appointment Post

For all your IC contact/random threading needs.

voice | video | text | action
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2020-08-15 10:26 am

OOC ± Deets/Permissions/Prefs

Quick and dirty info and permissions for memes and whatnot. More detailed permissions here:

Character Details: Glitch is basically a reimagining of the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. His story is he used to be a mega-genius and adviser to the Queen of the Outer Zone (O.Z.), but then half his brain got stolen by a wicked witch because of reasons. He's a happy-go-lucky optimist with a gooey moeblob center and the occasional flash of the proud courtier he used to be, still smart but has a tendency to make Bad Choices.

All the tl;dr can be found on this app here.

Permissions: General
± Threadhopping - If the thread is open, go for it. If it's open but looks like serious business, check first.
± Backtagging - Oh sweet Zoltan yes, as I am slow as a sloth riding a turtle going the wrong way on an escalator anyway
± Hugging/smooching/casual physical contact - Totally fine, he's a hugger.
± ~Flirting~ - Oh yes and good luck with that.
± Shipping and Smut - I am down for shipping, any gender! However I'm one of those people who can't write porn, sorry. That said, I am not at all opposed to him getting laid given proper development. Or for the lulz. Whichever. NOTE: he is over 40, and while I'm cool with May/December stuff please talk to me first if your character is under 25.
± Arguing - Fine :D
± Maiming/injuring/horrors - ...I'm an unabashed fan of Break The Cutie so yeah, let's discuss this thing.
± Fourth Walling - Yeah sure. Glitch is from a place called the O.Z. which is reached by tornados from Kansas and he hung out with a gal and two guys needing a home, a heart, and some courage (and another guy who was sometimes a terrier). They met a wizard, found an emerald, melted a witch, and discovered that their missing bits were ~within them all along~. Also he himself is missing half his brain. So while not many characters would be familiar with Tin Man itself that's still a pretty iconic story which a whole bunch of people know by heart.

I sort of figure that in Tin Man's universe there are no Oz books or movies, that entire corner of pop culture just doesn't exist. The books are an actual history and "Dorothy was real" and all of that. I could tl;dr for ages but suffice to say any and all Oz-related jokes will go straight over Glitch's head.
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2013-06-10 03:11 pm
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Thunderstorm prompt thing/an exercise in self-indulgence

Glitch and someone of your choice get caught in just that. Storm of the century. O.Z or Taxon, or AU. :3 Or all three.

Door #3, ish. Also less storm of the century and more random framing device for something resembling a plot.
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2013-01-08 01:25 pm
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Meme ± Character Expressions

Because I love his face and haven't done this in ages.

The Character Expression Meme

Character: Glitch
Journal: [personal profile] aintnoconvict
RPG: [community profile] taxonomites | [community profile] havenrpg

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.
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2012-09-17 11:17 am
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OOC ± Haven App

Name: Keri
Contact Info: keriseda @ plurk, mirzath @ AIM
Other Characters Played: n/a
Apartment: 1.004

Character Name: Glitch, which is technically a nickname with his real name being Ambrose. He only vaguely remembers this fact.
Canon Point: about three weeks post-canon
Canon: Tin Man
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2012-06-06 11:13 pm
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I'm in the mood. Pick a number and Glitch, or Glitch + [character], any verse, hit me. Go.

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2011-11-25 11:08 pm

6th synapse [ voice/action ]

± Hide it, no one saw!
± Your every fleeting thought is a pearl.
± You will join a club and be elected president. Submit immediately to graft and corruption.
± Breathe less.
[ Glitch stares at the opening page of his journal for some time, then blinks and shakes his head. ]

Is...this...supposed to mean something? Is it for me? I don't think I wanna breathe less.

[ well, whatever it is he doesn't let it interfere with his little project. he's commandeered a table in a not-overly-quiet corner of the library and is piecing together a something from whatever clockwork scraps he's stuffed in his pockets while escaping the demise of the Elizabeth. maybe once he combined it with the deconstructed remains of the TDESPHTL he happened upon in the shop, it'd amount to something. ]
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2011-11-07 02:09 pm

5th synapse - [location]

[ there's a skinny figure wandering in from the east edge of the village, bundled up in a tattered coat that's doing next to nothing to protect him from the elements. of course, by the way he's is stumbling and weaving it's safe to assume he's been affected by more than just the cold.

the most troubling thing about his condition, perhaps, is that the zipper on his head is open. at the moment Glitch seems more preoccupied with finding shelter than worrying about it. ]

((ooc - Back from mallynapping! Glitch is still a bit drugged and a lot confused, as the Malnosso did a lot of poking through his memories. His more recent memories will come back with prompting.))
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2011-10-25 11:31 am

4th synapse / 1st mallynap [accidental video / action]

[ Glitch is, as usual, out on a meander. well, less meander and more "epic danceathon," as he's donned Kamaro's Mask and is made of fancy footwork. it was fun at first, but now he's halfway up the path to the farmlands and getting a bit tired and SUDDENLY: drones.

in the ensuing scuffle his journal falls to the ground, opens, and then everyone is treated to a wonky view of the headcase trying to waltz with and/or kick his abductors. finally he is subdued and taken away, leaving behind nothing but the journal, the mask, and a couple stray yellow feathers. ]

ooc: mallynapped! he shall be back in a couple weeks, and I'll be prodding backtags
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2011-09-14 03:55 pm

3rd synapse [video | action]

[ Glitch has been in Luceti for two months now and in that time he has been to war, sprained his ankle, been a bit traumatized by all that, and spent a few weeks more or less hiding.

this has caused a bit of a relapse into feral-headcase behavior, such as forgetting he has a nice cozy (lonely) apartment and winding up sleeping under a bridge. after waking up for the third day in a row damp, cold, and with a crick in his neck, he concludes that he might need some sort of supervision. or something.

so he perches on the edge of the fountain and opens his journal. ]

Hello everyone! A-and, um, especially you New Feathery folks...I I I guess this means I'm not one of you anymore. [ a pause and frown as he considers this, then a deeper frown as he tries to remember what he was on about. ] Oh! Right, my name's Glitch a-and I was just wondering if anybody'd want a roommate, or apartment-mate. Namely me.

[ sheepish smile goes here. ] I I know it's a little forward and-- I can talk a lot and I'm not so great at remembering things, b-but I'm not messy and I don't think I throw wild parties or anything like that. So. Um. Anybody want a roommate?

( ooc: yep, one middle-aged headcase, free to a good home. if it looks like there are multiple viable candidates I will hit a random number generator to pick one. contacting him just to say hello is also an option! )
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2011-07-30 10:48 am

2nd synapse [voice | location]

[ while out exploring the edge of the village, Glitch happens upon a hedge maze he'd know anywhere: the expansive, magically protected one outside the royal lands of Finaqua. he gasps and makes for one of the entrances, trailing his hands through the leaves as he walks.

he'll get to the other end of the maze and he'll be back in the O.Z. where he belongs, safe and happy and with his friends, he's sure of it. he can almost hear the sounds of home: the breeze off the lake, the call of the gump in the woods, the trill of jewel doves, the...unnerving coo and chitter of monkey bats.

Glitch turns a corner and freezes, his heart pounding, then slowly looks up to see a half-dozen familiar silhouettes. and one of them is swooping at him-- ]

Oh gods-- MOBATS! [ he takes off at a run, turning corners at random and going deeper into the maze. ] No no no i-i-it's gonna...heeelp!

(ooc: backdated to the 27th! monkey bats (flying monkeys GET IT?) are about the size of spaniels and have I guess about a seven foot wingspan. also claws. kill them at will, Glitch will thank you :D )
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2011-07-14 08:47 pm

1st synapse [voice | action]

[sometime after the suns had come out again, Glitch had returned to the brain room, placed his hand on the glass tank holding his other (better?) half, and then curled up at the base of the pedestal to sleep the sleep of...someone who hadn't slept well in a very long time.

when he awoke, he was elsewhere. namely under a bridge near the clinic in Luceti. whoops. ]

Huh...what? I-- ow! [ some confused rustling, then: ] Okay, I I definitely don't remember those. Um. H-hello? DG? Raw? Cain? I'm...AAH!

[ and the inevitable splash as he tumbles into the river. nicely done, headcase. ]
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2011-07-14 06:41 pm


Touch base, plot, spam, whatever, let's go ♥