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OOC ±Taxon Character Profile


Name: Glitch

Aliases: his surname is Langwe this crops up from time to time but not on the tablet. Also Ambrose (Langwe), or if he's being extra special fancy Master Ambrose Evedward Langwe, Lord Rigmarole, T.E.

Age and/or birthday: March 25, he'll be 46 soon dear gods. And yes he looks it.

Fandom/Media/OC?: a bad SyFy miniseries original event

Programmed Possession: A pimp wagon of some description, though this is new. Initially he brought a hedge maze. Of some description.

Arrival date: 9 October, 2009

I am...: That guy with the zipper who's been here since forever.


Describe your character physically.
He's about 5'10" and slender in build, a combination of a narrow frame, a high metabolism, and regular exercise from dancing, training, and decently athletic sex running from whatever the hell the city is doing now.

Giant close-up promo picture is giant and high-res. His eyes are a warm ambery brown and he's got ridiculously long eyelashes, and sometimes when he laughs his nose scrunches and his crow's feet are more defined and it's adorable. ALSO he sometimes wears some subtle eye makeup in the form of ye olde guyliner but for parties and such he'll go with some shadow as well. And glitter. And nail varnish. Because he's a peacock like that.

UM what else. He's got scars on his arms, the right was set on fire at some point and the left got slightly shredded a couple years ago in Taxon when stuff was literally blowing up. There are more but yeah, not precisely relevant. Also with all the mechanicalness and inventioneering and poking machines all the time, his hands tend to have scratches in various stages of healing. Related, he's got calluses from handling tools as well as writing/drawing/drafting. Since he's right-handed the side of his pinky and hand tend to be ink-stained.

When he's in regular thinkity think-think mode he'll tug at his hair. When he's flustered he'll wring his hands and fuss with his sleeve cuffs or whatever bit of clothing is closest at hand. When he's REALLY distressed - or if he's just woken up - he'll check his zipper to make sure it's closed.

I describe his expression a lot because he has like zero filter, whatever he's feeling show up on his face immediately. As for posture, it depends since when he's trying to be impressive or assert his authority (or be all Ambrosey) he'll have perfect posh nobleman's posture what ho and all that. Otherwise...he's not slouchy but he does go a bit casual, and while he has a lot of natural dancer's grace and nobleman's elegance he does still have his moments of klutz. His mannerisms can be downright marionette-ish: quick, sharp gestures as he talks with his hands, a single firm nod to denote understanding, etc.

Aaaand he tends to favor his left arm when carrying heavy things because his right shoulder is a bit jacked up from an old dislocation that never got properly cared for because lol, vagrant headcase.

What does your character wear?
Fitted jackets, fancy waistcoats, and waistcoats on his waistcoats so he can pretentious while he hipsters. No, um, BESIDES THAT his style's a bit steampunky Edwardian because he comes from a fairyland where that's cool. He was trying to assimilate to Othersidey fashion but that went out the window and he's let his Ozian flag fly. Still he favors earth tones, basic black, or the rich red of his native Quadling Country. For all its relative finery his clothes all seem a bit worn: stray threads, distressed seams, all that.

He has a notebook (one in a series, and the first page has a very important list of people to trust in case he forgets EVERYTHING again) which he writes things down in to just keep track of things relevant to his interests. Lastly, he'll frequently tote a leather satchel with an assortment of tools.

That covers what they look like. What do they sound like?
This clip demonstrates his range, a few of his tics (that little giggle, the infamous jerky single firm nod), and his innate ability to push all of Cain's buttons forever. His voice is towards the top end of mid-range and a bit raspy. His pitch can go up considerably when he gets excited or stressed about something. Usually he speaks fairly softly and raises his volume for emphasis. Glitch has a fairly lilting tone, treading carefully over and sometimes around words. He'll still hesitate and stammer, especially when stressed.

His accent is a bit wonky due to being a Scotsman using an American accent the polish having worn off his upper-class pronunciation. His manner of speech is amazingly informal (for instance he uses sorta, kinda, gonna, etc.) for someone of his background, due to his brain needing to make shortcuts and the habit sticking.

Running down the list of the five senses.... smell?
Fanfic has a long history of slathering him in either something floral or sandalwood. Lulz. Actually sandalwood's not bad, he forever strikes me as ~earthy~ with a hint of caramel because he does tote candy with him everywhere like a creepy uncle. Otherwise there's work smells: ink, paper, machine oil, maybe something a little ozone-y if he's been doing weird borderline magic stuff.

Also if anyone's really interested he can probably smell a bit like Bagoas too.

Touch & Taste. Uh, okay there.
He's a soft-skinned warm-blooded, squishy human who bathes daily and knows to moisturize. His hair, if you're lucky enough to be permitted to touch it, is somewhat coarse.

Of note: he's a slightly fae squishy human and it's been established in game that his blood(and that of other Ozians) is somewhat extra-nummy. Exactly what this means varies from vampire species to vampire species, but yeah. Tasty treat.

The fine, fine details:
X-raying his head will yield some weird-ass shit involving half a brain and some mass of funky interference. An MRI of his right shoulder will show some damage resulting from a very poorly-healed/cared for dislocation.

Other general tissuey stuff...I could make things up about goofy blood properties, bone density and flexability, and musculature to account for his durable hard-to-killness and insane grace, but damnit Jim I'm an RPer not a doctor.

PB differences?
He differs from his icons a bit. The zipper's still there, and his hair's been un-matted so it's thick and has got a lot of natural curl, and sometimes he'll style it into corkscrews because he can. The hair is also considerable grayer, possibly close to this level. Another couple years and it'll be damn near all silver.


A history of me:
Ambrose was chief adviser to the Queen of the Outer Zone and had a reputation for being the smartest man in the land. While he dabbled in several areas his true talent was invention, and he devised many marvelous creations to help the people of the realm. He was very close with the royal family, and the Queen thought of him as a friend rather than just a member of her staff.

Then it all went wrong. The queen's eldest daughter became possessed by the spirit of an ancient Witch, her younger daughter was sent to the Otherside (aka Kansas) for protection, and civil war broke out when the Witch began to seize power. The queen and Ambrose were eventually captured, and Ambrose was ordered to give up his plans for the Sun Seeder, as the Witch had a desire to use the machine to bring eternal darkness to the O.Z. He refused and so she had him headcased, a procedure usually performed on criminals that removed part of the brain and rendered them harmless. With the brain matter in her possession the Witch had no more need for Ambrose and so sent him out to fend for himself.

Soon he forgot his real name and began calling himself Glitch, as this is what he did - forget things, repeat himself - and it seemed fitting. For years he wandered the land, until one day he met a girl looking for home, a man who'd lost his heart, and another in need of courage. Together the four of them set out on a quest to defeat the Witch and return the queen to her throne, hopefully finding their own missing pieces along the way.

And then Taxon happened. God I need to try and summarize that too don't I.TL;DR: shit happened and he got his brain back sort of. BULLET POINTS:
- initially arrived as the group dropped into the Realm of the Unwanted, DG arriving some week and a half later and they move into the Northern Island
- got his brain back, properly and briefly, in January 2010
- the Great Literal Explosion of March 2010 resulted in him nearly getting killed and he and DG getting closer
- the relationship with DG begins in April 2010; immediately after she's glitched into the being possessed by the Witch
- the existence of Old Taxon is discovered
- Cain arrives October 2010
- massive glitch (his own, not the aliens' fault) in January 2011 where he forgets everything
- February 2011: zombie :|
- contacted by the aliens: they'll give him his brain back (sort of) if he invents three thigns for three people
- THESE "INVENTIONS" ARE: generators to support the birdhouse for Paul, a habitat for the lobsters for River, and a fax machine typesender for Don.
- gets his brain back (sort of) in July 2011; DG immediately gets pause glitched and everything sort of goes to shit
- AUTUMN 2011: depression, whining, self-destructive tendencies
- the November 2011 fiar tale AU tansforms him into a Rumpelstiltskin expy and he ends up dying; upon respawn he works on getting his psychological house in order
- Bagoas arrives February 2012, Glitch immediately takes him under his proverbial wing
- mirror!Taxon, horrible things happen
- DG gets glitched into the Witch again, zaps his memory, and the fallout essentially ends their intimate relationship
- Azkadellia arrives, bringing the real other half of his brain with her
- Glitch moves into the shotgun house
- the big ol' boat trip, with the skinny dipping and Glitch and Bagoas coming to another sort of accord
- July 2012: end of the boat trip, discovery that DG had been pause glitched and then vanished from the city
- October 2012: Glitch "celebrates" three years in Taxon, gives presents, and finally has that talk with Paul about stuff
- November 2012: dinosaurs + bodyswap = getting stuck in Cain's body and subseqeuntly breaking it whoops

Who matters?
His family: Azkadellia, Bagoas, Cain, Paul for an in-law, Mayland for an anchor. The first three do take precedent but do not ask him to rank them/do that "guns to their heads, who do you save?" thing because he'll just nope out and probably cry.

Otherwise: Spike's practical but a mostly unknown factor, Jason's a potential ally and fascinating company, Selina's a wild card he needs to know better, ditto Remus though he's heard good things from Az and Bagoas, Nuada is intimidating as fuq but Glitch is so far determiend to remain diplomatic, Horst he hasn't met, ditto Raziel, Maddy is a solid friend and someone he trusts, Logan is another wild card, Josef...he has no idea what to make of him but for now finds him exasperating, Emma reminds him a bit of DG and so it's weird, "Taxonians, look out for Metody, he's our little lamb," and Sherlock is another exasperating person but possibly more useful than Fangy McSnarksalot.

PEOPLE NOT OR NO LONGER IN TAXON: the biggest and worst and most significant absent person is DG. She was in the city with him for ages and they were lovers for most of that time and he misses her like bonkers. He tries to hide it and keep going because it's what she'd want but sometimes he's just sad. There's also Raw, who's never been in the city and it's a bit ridiculous since the camping trip was so brief and so long ago, but there's a Viewer-shaped hole still.

Not from canon but significant losses: River Tam, Buffy Summers (all three of her that he's known), Temperence Brennan, the werewolf Judith, Fitz Kreiner, Mick St. John, Willow Rosenberg, Tara Maclay, Party Poison, and sometimes he'll just be on the edge of remembering Levi but then the aliens' mental block slams down and he's gone again.

Personality & Psychology: Nope still not rewriting this. TL;DR neurotic optimist survivor with moderate depression and PTSD, derpy genius better at doing things than thinking about or articulating them, fiercely loyal and protective, willing to make the sacrifices he thinks are right. He's only vaguely acquainted with logic, weirdly, and tends to be driven by emotion.

Skills, Powers, Weaknesses, and et cetera: Squishy human who can be killed dead though it might take more effort than expected. Technical genius but he's lost a hell of a lot of his diplomacy and people skills, he gets "things" more than he gets people. Inventor of stuff. Very skilled dancer and fighter, usually hand to hand but is (terrifyingly) a savant with a handgun (unless that was the aliens having a bit of fun). He makes a mean kettle of muglug, some decent mulled wine, and plum jam.

RANDOM POINTS OF WEAKNESS: scared of heights/falling and fire, scarecrows freak him out, he gets motion sickness at the roll of a wave/sharp turn of a vehicle, dust and pollen allergies, and he's prone to mood swings.

Glitch (and thus Ambrose though it gets murky) is essentially pan with a historical preference for women, though his longest on-again-off-again relationship was with a man. Not that he really remembers given his whole brain thing but yeah.

As for sex itself he's a little wonky in his attitude: he likes it, sure, but it gets bundled up in some of his subconscious trauma baggage from the vagrant years. He won't initiate or even show overt interest because headcases who make passes tend to get the shit kicked out of them. And if someone expresses interest in him he goes through the stages of confusion, denial, flustering, and eventually flattered gratitude. Thankfully he's overcome the tendency to be so grateful he'd go along with whoever without considering what he, you know, wants. He still has a bit of the take-what-you-can-get attitude but there will be no repeats of the Chiana incident fuck yeah, retconning poor choices. Also monogamy is a type of wood but thanks to the above one would probably never know it. Plus he's more than content devoting himself to one person at a time.

Meanwhile: hugs, kisses, and snuggles he's fine with and will indulge in like an affection-starved sponge, and if permitted he'll treat loved ones like furniture to lounge on/against. Right. Plus all this stuff applies, he's a curious lover with a few kinks who requires a lot of trust.

Best way to meet this character:
Fortunately Glitch is outgoing as hell (well, except for initial arrivals in the city because good gods he's sick of those) but for a general routine:

He doesn't exactly have a set regimen. If he doesn't have an excuse for a nice cozy lie-in he's up fairly early, having breakfast of coffee and juice and whatever he's got sitting around (fruit, pastry gifts from Bagoas or Cain, or his own corned beef hash if he's feeling ambitious) and checking the tablet for shenanigans. Then if he has plans/feels like it it's off to the shop on his bicycle.

Time in the shop consists of:
- teaching Bagoas stuff (whether he's paying attention or not >.> )
- working on various engineering/inventy projects
- music's on almost constantly, and slow days = nookie dancing
- lunch, either upstairs in the office/breakroom/lounge or in some dining establishment
- selling parts and gizmos to Extras and terrifying elven princes

After closing shop he'll head home and, if the weather's nice (read: not chilly or lightning-storming) he'll have a bath in the backyard tub before dinner, which is typically out somewhere as he makes up Taxon's Yelp! pages. Sometimes he has company, and sometimes he is someone else's company.

On days he's not in the shop he's at the library working on his notes/Taxon history project/Farsi lessons with Mayland. Or in the growing season if he's noticed a leaf's gone yellow in his garden he'll be calling Cain over before everything dies. Or he'll be all nosy on the tablets (he's always nosy on the tablets and Sees What You Did There). Or having an unhealthy obsession with his brain inna jar. Or etc.

Evenings...he's kind of a night owl and social so he'll either seek out company or wander town, settling in a bar or club or cafe or park or whatever and Extra-watching. He's been here too long and is at the point where their mindlessness is both comforting and normal. Send help.


Can your character's mind or emotions be read by characters with the ability to do that? Short answer, yes on both counts. I am totally up for this, come at me with your plottings.

Do they have any sort of resistance to this? Not in the least, his mind is an open book made out of sieves. He's also got a generally weak mind in general for purposes of hypnotic influence and the like.

How will you designate 'thoughts' in narration? Usually via italics though I abuse them a lot for emphasis, check with me if you want to pick up on anything specific.

What is their mind like? His mind is pretty chaotic, thoughts and memories pop up from nowhere and trail off all the time. However if one looks close enough there are hints of the organized clockwork Ambrose used to tick by, just now someone's taken a hammer to it and there are springs and cogs all over the place. While there is a bit more order than in the past it's still a bit of a mess, as he jumps quickly from one idea/association to the next.

Is it okay for your character to come to physical harm? ONLY ALL THE TIME let's plot :D

What sorts of invulnerabilities or resistances, if any, do they have to bodily injury? Hilariously a whack to the head won't do much harm, and he's generally durable but that just means he can take more damage that your Earth-standard human.

Is there anything you're specifically cool or not cool with? Nnot that I cna thing of, if you think something might be pushing a boundary check with me.

Are their possessions and homes available for damage, or not? Yup, ask me about it!

Is it okay for characters who are psychic or just 'know' things about your character to get information from your background/wiki/etc and reference those things in threads? Yes, but since he's an obscure twit with a lot of Taxon issues so check with me for details.

Is it okay if people can 'sense' things about your character, such as auras or true species? Yeah, he's got a touch of the fae to him so that's cool.

Are you okay with characters threadhopping into your threads and posts, and/or threadjacking? Typically I'm okay with it, but if a thread looks like serious business asking permission's a good idea.

Are you okay with characters reading your character's unlocked posts? He does it to you guys all the time, turnabout's fair play.

Their locked posts? Ask me first, he hardly locks things but still.

Will your character ever hide their presence on the tablet map? If he does I'll make a public note of it.

SURPRISE!: Are you okay with your character being snuck up on, or do they have skills or powers that would make this unlikely? Ahahaha do it, do it a lot.


THIS IS GOING TO GET BUILT ON BUT sometimes what applies to Eli Gold also applies to Glitch: