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IC ± Appointment Post

For all your IC contact/random threading needs.

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No, it's okay! It didn't used to be dangerous, but then everyone died and started eating everyone else and now we have to make sure someone always stays awake just to be safe.

[ Oh, but that's not what he asked, is it? He asked about her friends. ]

Anyway, there's Lee, and then there's Ben and Kenny, and Christa and Omid. Ben was in high school and he's really nervous at stuff but he's my friend so nobody else can make him leave, and Kenny was Duck's dad before Duck and Katjaa died. Katjaa was Duck's mom. Anyway, Kenny's really sad now, and he wants to find a boat so I found a boat and we just had to get it into the water. And Christa and Omid are new and Omid was really sick after his leg got hurt, but I trust them.