tsundaga: (agony)
Lightning Farron ([personal profile] tsundaga) wrote in [personal profile] aintnoconvict 2013-02-05 11:52 am (UTC)


[ backdated to the middle-ish of this post.

The audio feed turns on with a burst and a bit of barely-controlled breathing.

Glitch, it's--

[ There's a muffled 'augh' sort of gasp, and a sharp inhale through her teeth. In this brief pause, the sound of galloping hooves can be heard, as well as the slight rush of wind--wherever she is, she's moving fast. ]

It's happening! I can't--

[ That was probably going to be 'I can't stop it', but that's not important enough to waste her concentration on. He gets just one more word, forced through gritted teeth. ]


[ And the line goes dead. ]

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