walkietalkie: (we'll get through this)
Clementine ([personal profile] walkietalkie) wrote in [personal profile] aintnoconvict 2013-01-11 02:28 pm (UTC)

Okay, I won't. [ She wasn't gonna, anyway. It seemed like kind of a personal thing, and even if it weren't, what if touching it messed up his remembering things? Then she wouldn't be a very good help, would she?

Meanwhile, she takes the comb and pulls her legs up cross-legged on the back of the couch so they aren't in the way when he settles in. Once he does, though, she reaches toward one of the tangles in the front... But first:

Um, I'm really sorry if I pull by accident. It happens sometimes, even when I'm trying hard to be careful.

[ And, assuming there are no objections, she'll be taking careful hold of the aforementioned tangle and starting to comb. From the end first, then farther up as the tail end untangles, occasionally picking it apart a little with her fingers. She's actually pretty good at this--she used to comb her mom's hair after a shower sometimes. ]

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