aintnoconvict: (lip biting)
Glitch ([personal profile] aintnoconvict) wrote 2013-01-11 03:51 am (UTC)

[ sleeve tugging, he's cool with this. he's carrying a ceramic jug with a little water in his free hand, and sets if down carefully beside him as he settled on the couch.

Glitch pulls the comb (half a comb, really, but the best he could find) from a pocket, but hesitates before handing it over. he turns and blinks up at her. ]

Just one thing, I...Clem, best as you can, try not to touch the zipper? I know it's kinda right there and in the way but-- best as you can, please?

[ he gives her an encouraging smile and holds up the comb for her to take. ]

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