walkietalkie: (my name's clementine)
Clementine ([personal profile] walkietalkie) wrote in [personal profile] aintnoconvict 2013-01-09 01:25 pm (UTC)

[ She's sorry for being so small. :C She's trying to stop, she swears.

To the bow, her eyes widen a little, but she suppresses her grin (mature people don't grin like little kids, do they?) long enough to attempt to curtsy back. It's not terribly effective, but she's new at this, okay?

'But we'll sort it out!'

Mhm! C'mon. [ She'll be tugging his sleeve now, and if she has her way, she's tugging him toward the couch because apparently all apartments have one. Upon arrival, she lets go and climbs up onto the couch to perch on the back of it. Clearly he's supposed to sit in front of her. ]

Oh, I need the comb though.

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