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Name: Keri
Contact Info: keriseda @ plurk, mirzath @ AIM
Other Characters Played: n/a
Apartment: 1.004

Character Name: Glitch, which is technically a nickname with his real name being Ambrose. He only vaguely remembers this fact.
Canon Point: about three weeks post-canon
Canon: Tin Man
Background/History: As his pre-canon history is sketchy, I've tossed in some generally accepted fanon and bits of headcanon to flesh it out a bit. More detailed canon info can be located at Wikipedia. And since the wiki entry is awful, I'll elaborate:

Once upon a time the man called Glitch was a man named Ambrose. Ambrose was chief adviser to the Queen of the Outer Zone and had a reputation for being the smartest man in the land. While he dabbled in several areas he was primarily an inventor, and he designed many creations for the people of the O.Z. He was very close with the royal family, and the Queen thought of him as a friend rather than just a member of her staff.

Then it all went wrong. The queen's eldest daughter became possessed by the spirit of an ancient Witch, her younger daughter was sent to the Otherside (aka Kansas) for protection, and civil war broke out when the Witch began to seize power. The queen and Ambrose were eventually captured, and Ambrose was ordered to give up his plans for the Sun Seeder, a machine intended to slow the suns and expand the growing season to help the famine-ravaged land.

The Witch, however, wanted to use the machine to bring eternal darkness to the Outer Zone. Ambrose refused to help her, even after extensive torture, and so she had him headcased: removed part of his brain and sealed his head closed with a zipper - a procedure usually performed on criminals to make them docile prisoners of their own minds. With the brain matter containing the plans in her possession the Witch had no more need for Ambrose and so sent him out to fend for himself.

Soon he forgot his real name and began calling himself Glitch, as that is what he did - forget things, repeat himself - and it seemed fitting. For years he wandered the land, until one day he met a girl looking for home, a man who'd lost his heart, and another in need of courage. Together the four of them set out on a quest to defeat the Witch, return the queen to her throne, and along the way find out their missing were Within Them All Along.

Except for Glitch's half-a-brain, of course, which was kept in a jar in the witch's tower.

Glitch is a man with no past who is constantly building his present and striving for a better future. He has been accused of being a wide-eyed optimist, and if he does tend to look for a silver lining to most situations it with good reason. He has seen true wickedness, and so has a preference for the bright side of things. He is prone to staring into space, wandering off, fidgeting, stating the obvious, and sometimes forgetting personal boundaries and tact. Well aware of his shortcomings Glitch has a self-deprecating sense of humor which can veer into sarcasm, and he loves the occasional bad pun.

It's not always sunshine and rainbows, however. Glitch gets snappish when he's frustrated, petulant and whiny when he doesn't get his way, and his mood can swing towards melancholy if he dwells on all he's lost. He also carries the burden of nearly ten years meandering a war-torn realm with the zipper on his head marking him as a criminal. Most of the memories from this time are buried, and if they emerge he tends to quickly forget what's put him out of sorts and rebounds as if he'd never felt sadness in his life. In this way his condition acts as a defense mechanism, one of the few good things to come of the headcasing.

His more minor resets or "glitches" can be annoying if one tries to hold a conversation with him. He can get stuck on a phrase and repeat it over and over until distracted via physical contact, or he can loop back on himself and start an entire discussion over again. If he is given a stable environment and a willing person or two to keep him on track, the glitches will be less frequent and he will improve dramatically. This does not mean he requires any sort of constant supervision as he managed to make it nearly ten years on his own and has developed a keen sense of self-preservation. Being underestimated will rile him.

Every now and then one of his glitches will briefly bring forth the old Ambrose parts of his personality and he will behave a bit like he did before being headcased. In these moments he is quieter, more lucid, with a touch more of the arrogance and general snobbery that comes with being a member of the nobility.

He loves logic, order, and structure but his mind is made out of chaos. Sorting through all of this takes up much of his mental energy, so he relies heavily on his instincts and intuition. He also relies on the people around him to give him context, and will take his cues from them.

By and large he is an extrovert. He wants to know people as much as he wants to know things, so if someone looks friendly he's more than likely to say hello. First impressions are key: if someone is friendly to him, he will respond positively. If someone is at all nasty, he will reciprocate, and if he can't quite figure a person out he will get flustered and unsure of himself.

With his whimsical, scattered nature it can be easy to forget that Glitch is a grown man with all the emotions and experiences that entails. He is also a gentleman to the marrow, and while he's forgotten most courtly etiquette he will still strive to be polite. His loyalty to the people he cares about is unwavering, and once you've become his friend he will stand by you through almost any hardship.

Once upon a time Glitch was an unparalleled genius. As an inventor he created the TDESPHTL - Tri-Dimensional Energy Stored Holographic Time Loop - and so he is familiar with holographic technology. He also invented a machine called the Sun Seeder which was designed to slow the suns and extend the growing season, indicating a very good grasp on astronomy and physics. He's a bit of an idiot-savant mechanic and enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together (whether or not they WORK after this is hit and miss). Glitch is a "fantastic dancer" with a knowledge of most classical, courtly styles. His excellent sense of rhythm aids him in hand-to-hand (or rather his-foot-to-your-head) combat, and he is quite skilled at a fighting form that resembles taekwondo. No, really. Also he can ride a horse (hey, it's a skill) and claims to be a good fence climber (which is probably a more useful skill).

Of course he's very liable to forget all of this at any given moment because of the whole only possessing half-a-brain thing. Speaking of: there is a metal zipper on his head, a sort of "scarlet letter" all headcases get to mark their status. It is anchored at his hairline and runs to the back of his skull where the tab is. This zipper can be opened and one can, if one wants to, peer into his cranium. Glitch would very, very much rather you didn't.

Sample Entry:
Sample post from Luceti here!

Sample Entry Two: (recycled from Taxon)

There was a fine line between hiding somewhere and being hidden somewhere, and Glitch was in the precarious position of not knowing which side of it he was on. All he could do was keep reminding himself to stay still and be quiet, a plan which most of him was happy to comply with. His nose had objections as he was hiding/hidden in a very dusty crawlspace, but if he kept still then the dust would stay where it was and not make him sneeze.

He wished he could remember if the people who lived in the house knew he was there. That would make everything so much simpler. If they did, and were keeping him hidden, then there had to be a reason they'd left him alone so long...long enough for the spider he'd been watching to finish her web. It was a pretty little thing, a neat orb cast between floorboards and a support beam.

Glitch let himself get lost in the details, words like radial and spinneret tickling the empty edge of his mind, the context right there but the full meaning muted. The web was artwork, not deathtrap, and in a flash he recalled dew-beaded silk in the light of the first sun, jewel doves stirring in the lilac bushes, the smell of bread from the kitchen windows-

The floorboards creaked and Glitch gasped, the palace gardens immediately gone from his memory. He had to escape he had to- no, be still, be quiet, if he was found he'd would be bad. There was more creaking, and the soft thump of footsteps, and he covered his mouth with his hand, his dust-covered hand and his poor nose did not like that at all.

The thump-creak stopped directly above him. His eyes watered as he fought to keep from sneezing, even as he solemnly thought that it was involuntary and merciful Ozma he was done for now, he was sure of it!

The trap door lifted, destroying the spider's web, and the farmer's wife peered down at him with furrowed brow.

"He's gone," she said, and offered a hand to help him up. "And you'd best go too before he gets back, all right?"

Glitch tried to respond, but all he managed was an explosive sneeze.